Actual Testimonials from our Customers

My wife and daughter fell in the bathroom. My wife bumped her forehead and my daughter was unable to pick her up and was concerned about the bumped head. Paramedics arrived, assisted in getting up and evaluating condition. My wife did not go to the hospital. Life Alert system was helpful.
C. S., Westminster, MD

On this past Christmas morning about 4:30 a.m., I heard glass breaking and a lot of noise. I quickly got up from my bed and saw a man running through my house. I pushed my Life Alert button and soon heard the voice from the box. The robber said to the other one, “Let’s get out of here.” The police said later that Life Alert may have saved my life. I received fast, professional and courteous service from Life Alert. When I did my testing I told your representative about my experience.
B. H., Jacksonville, FL

I fell and was unable to get up. I live in a 4 level split. I was on the lower level and my grandson was asleep on the fourth level, so I pushed my Life Alert button. My call was immediately answered and called for help. My physical therapist arrived just a head of the medics and my dogs started barking waking up my grandson. So I had all kinds of help.
E. B., Bel Air, MD

I was checking my furnace thermostat when I fell and caught myself with my right hand then my body blacked out. I lied for 24 hours, when I came too I pushed my Life Alert button and they came at once and took me to the hospital for treatment.
D. E., Sarasota, FL

The response team called all the family members and they were there before I got there. That was very impressive and comforting to me. They checked my mom out, helped her out of bed, and made sure everything was ok. Then they left after mom said she was fine. I tell everyone I know about Life Alert.
I. M., Naples, FL

I slipped in the kitchen and couldn’t get up. I was in a room away from the receiving unit and the call was answered immediately and clearly with good response time from the medics. I’m very pleased and feel so much safer having my Life Alert.
S. B., Des Moines, IA

I was feeling really bad. I took my blood pressure and it was really high and I had back pain. I pressed my pendant from Life Alert and the gentleman wasted no time getting me help and the life squad was there within 10 minutes. I received 5 stents in my arteries. Life Alert saved my life and the doctor, and of course, God.
L. K., Cincinnati, OH

My mother had fallen out of bed. Me, with a bad back, I couldn’t get her up. She pushed the Life Alert button and in a matter of 10 minutes somebody was here to help us. She was not hurt other than a few bruise. We both are very pleased with the response time.
C. L., Memphis, IN

My first time to use and I was pleased with the whole episode. The girl on the Life Alert machine was very supportive and stayed on the line until the ambulance arrived and I got settled down.
M. K., Ione, CA

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