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Life Alert Customer Testimonials

(since 7/3/2008)

41188 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I had fallen and couldn’t get up. Life Alert was helpful and checked me over. Also took me to hospital where I was x-rayed and dismissed to go home.

l.P., Terre Haute, IN

I thought I didn’t take my sleeping pill because it usually works faster so I took another one. I started feeling dizzy and weak so I called [Life Alert]. The fire department was here right away and (as usual) they were great. Thank you.

P.S., Aurora, CO

[Life Alert sent] six police officers. Well trained, courteous and polite. Wonderful service! Cleaned up mess. Made sure I was well and put me into bed. Would recommend service to anyone. Thank you!

L.V., Durango, CO

The staff was always professional, courteous, and seemed to show genuine concern when my mom had to use her [Life Alert] device.

A.V., Riverview, FL

I was getting ready to eat a cookie, holding the can on my stomach, it touched the [Life Alert] button. Life Alert answered immediately. We said there was no problem. Later my husband, 94, tried to pick up wallet under the bed and could not get up. We called [Life Alert] for help. They were here immediately. Thank you.

M.Y., Knoxville, TN

Life Alert staff was very patient in helping me in a very stressful time. They made me feel very comfortable while questioning my problem. Thank you for a wonderful staff.

E.Y., Fresno, CA

My husband was acting erratically as if he had dementia, which he does not. Life Alert was notified, EMTs responded and he went to the ER, diagnosed with hyponatremia (low sodium). He was moved to the ECU, where he stayed several days until discharge. Life Alert proved very helpful.

S.L., Albion, NY

My wife had a seizure, we called Life Alert, and they called for the paramedics to help my wife out. I am very thankful for Life Alert.

L.B., Upper Darby, PA

Very efficient and helpful. Very happy with the quick response time. Mom had fallen while trying to pick something off the floor and used her Life Alert [button] to summon help.

P.F., North Tonawanda, NY

I slipped and fell in the kitchen. I could not get up so I pressed my button and the paramedics came within 10 minutes. I appreciate your service because I am no longer steady on my feet. I am 85 years old and your service is a Godsend. Thank you.

M.R., South San Francisco, CA

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