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43970 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I started having trouble breathing. As time went on, it started to worsen. I pushed my Life Alert button and I received a prompt response. Help came in minutes. I was hospitalized for five days, now I’m okay. You can count on Life Alert!

B.S., Staten Island, NY

When I need Life Alert they are always there, and they are very helpful. I am glad I have Life Alert, I couldn’t live without Life Alert. I am glad they are in my life.

P.L., Wheeler, MI

He fell and hit his head. We called for help. [Life Alert] dispatched the EMT’s from the nearby fire department. They transported to the […] hospital where they admitted him for observation. All tests were negative, so after 3 days he was discharged. We have had Life Alert for a few years. They are always very helpful and friendly. We are very happy with your service. Thank you!

M.G., Sebastian FL

When I called Life Alert I was terrified that I was having a heart attack. They answered almost immediately and the person that took my call was very helpful the way they helped me to calm down. In just a few minutes an ambulance was here to take me to the hospital. I am very grateful for Life Alert.

W.G., Independence, MO

Whoever came up with this idea of “Life Alert, I’m falling and I can’t get up’” for helping the aging, needy and the disabled population is a genius. I say this because I am a client with disabilities and a person who has a physical & mental impairment that limits a couple of major life activities. I believe that Life Alert’s main purpose considers disabled and impaired individuals such as myself. And that counts for something special that Life Alert is making a difference in my everyday life.

D.A., Miami, FL

My mother experienced a fall with a head injury. Had she not been wearing her [Life Alert] necklace, she would have possibly not survived as she lost a lot of blood. She has recently passed away (not due to the fall). My mother felt very safe and secure with Life Alert. Thank you all for helping our mother feel safe and independent.

H.S., Edenton, NC

Wife has fallen two times. Life Alert has been so great when she fell. You could not ask for anything more. Life Alert is great in every way. I’m so glad we have it. I am worry free now. I thank all of you in Life Alert. Being a retired Marine & retired Deputy Sheriff, I understand what you do.

S.J., Beverly Hills, FL

This was our first experience. We received a call on the phone from a California number, but didn’t answer because was not in contacts. Then Life alert left a message and we realized my dad had pushed his alarm and had fallen. The fire department was at our home quickly! My father had fallen backward, and at 86 years old, could not get himself up. We could not hear him from where we were in the house. So grateful Life Alert persisted and my father was not seriously injured.

H.O., Uniontown, OH

I had two different episodes of getting dizzy, nauseous, and passed out. Thank God I had Life Alert. My daughter pushed the button – response right away. I was taken to the ER – 2 times by ambulance. First time, I had just had a heart valve replaced, second episode same thing, valve wasn’t working good. After third episode, I had to be shocked - got emergency pacemaker, back home in 2 days and doing ok.

L.P., Greenwood, IN

Felt faint, chest hurt, arms numb, cold, clammy, felt like having a heart attack. Life Alert got me an ambulance here quickly. The people on base were very helpful to understand my problem and stayed on mic all the time talking to me. Very caring. Thank you again and again.

D.H., Mooresville, IN

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