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40549 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Fell on porch. Always put Life Alert pendant on when letting service dog out. Response of responders was quick and Life Alert stayed online. The operator offered my medical info to the paramedics – I was alert and oriented so was able to give information.

A.MB., Midwest City, OK

I was getting ready for bed when I started feeling sick. I slid off the bed onto my bedroom floor. I couldn’t get up on my own and so I pushed my Life Alert. They responded quickly and paramedics came promptly. My vitals were low so they suggested I go to the hospital. Life Alert has been a great comfort to me.

J.L., Sun Lakes, AZ

My mother lost her balance and fell at home. She lives alone and could not get up. She hit the button on her pendant. EMT’s were called and went to the house. She was ok and transported her to the hospital to get checked out. Thank you, Life Alert!!!

C.M., Waretown, NJ

I fall a lot! Balance is bad! Life Alert is my lifesaver. I fell head first into the tub from a standing position. The responders got me up to a standing position and onto my walker seat! They helped me get my wet clothes off and get re-dressed. I did not need transport to the hospital. Note: I was bruised badly on my knee, legs, etc. but not enough for emergency transport.

C.B., Westbrook, ME

I was having an experience with A-Fib in the middle of the night, very scary, hard to breathe and heart beating very fast. I pressed my Life Alert button, got an immediate response and was taken to the hospital where I spent almost 2 days. Many tests and an adjustment to meds.

D.W., New Baltimore, MI

Life Alert was there when I fell getting out of bed at night. Life Alert returned my call and stayed with me on the phone until help arrived. Two people on my call list arrived and had keys to the house so no damage was done to get in. the police arrived on site. The fire department and paramedics arrived got me up and the technician checked me over. They were great. No damaged to me. I just could not get up without help. Having bad knees didn’t help either. Thank you, everything went well!

J.J., West Bend, WI

I fall a lot and sometimes there is no one to help me, so I punched my button and the Life Alert person answered immediately. He then calls an ambulance for me and the ambulance comes and EMT’s come and help me get up. Sometimes I have to go to the hospital but other times it’s just being helped up off the floor and put back into my chair.

T.W., Lumberton, TX

Life Alert brought me medics. I had collapsed on the kitchen floor with a room divider falling over me. I wasn’t hurt but couldn’t move. I am so impressed how the Life Alert person stayed on the phone with me and helped calm me down; and it was so helpful to know status of medics. It all worked extremely well and as advertised. Thank you!

G.V., Morris Plains, NJ

Needed to contact Life Alert regarding TIA. Very helpful and courteous. Contacted EMT. Stayed on the line until EMT arrived within 10 minutes. TIA passed. Everything is fine. Highly recommend Life Alert to others.

E.T., Ozone Park, NY

I suffered weakness when I stood up and also had vomiting and diarrhea. I was alone with my dog and my husband was at work. My wrist monitor was on my wrist and through the phone my daughter kept yelling “press the button” so I did – the EMS was here in no time, thanks to Life Alert. They stayed on the phone till the medics arrived. Thanks Life Alert!!

B.L., Pittsburgh, PA

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