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41480 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mom fell and hurt her ribs and shoulder. We need assistance so they used Life Alert. She was transported to hospital for evaluation. The Life Alert employee stayed on the line with us through the whole process. She was very caring and concerned.

L.S., Linwood, MI

When I was at work Mom fell. Life Alert called me right away, told me that she wasn’t hurt, thank God, and kept me posted on what was happening. Thank God I had Life Alert as I don’t know what would have happened by the time I got home. After that, I have peace of mind knowing that they are there for us.

T.M., Dracut, MA

I fell in my home, was unable to get up so I used the [Life Alert] GPS button and got an answer from Life Alert. They transferred my call to a dispatcher and I gave my name, and she notified the EMT and the sheriff dept, and they came shortly. Life Alert stayed on the line to talk with the EMTs. She then called back later to see if I was OK.

R.B., Des Moines, IA

I experienced vertigo and fell and couldn’t get up. Called Life Alert and they talked my husband through the wait for the ambulance to arrive. My family was informed immediately of the situation. Very quick and helpful service on 1-1-2020, Thank you. What a way to celebrate New Years Day!

M.B., Pennville, MI

My husband and I were on vacation in Arizona. We are [patient’s] caretakers. [Patient] fell in her kitchen and pushed the Life Alert button- calling an ambulance to help her. She has no blood relations in the area and went to the hospital with a large knot on her head and bruised elbow. We were glad she had the Life Alert to help while we were gone.

L.A., Grantsville, UT

Upper respiratory infection- I’ve had no “cold” for almost twenty years. About one week after a painful cough set in, I had trouble breathing so I decided to “push the [Life Alert] button”. As always happens, a voice speaks to me, confirming my well-being and stayed with me til the EMT’s got there. It is exhausting to think about dialing and talking in the emergencies I’ve had. Life Alert is a blessing to me.

S.D., Clifton Park, NY

I fell in the bathroom in the night. Used my Life Alert necklace to call for help. A pleasing person spoke to me while she obtained connection with EMT’s. Very reassuring. I am 95 years old and need the kindness and understanding of Life Alert.

D.H., Crescent City, FL

My husband fell coming in the front door, I was unable to help him up. Life Alert was absolutely incredible. The gentleman stayed on with me until EMT’s arrived. They helped keep me calm, they notified my daughter and my granddaughter that there had been an emergency and then notified them again to let them know which hospital we were going to. Extremely incredible service!!! Outstanding gentleman on the phone.

S.T., Tallapoosa, GA

If it wasn’t for Life Alert I would not be alive today. Two years in a row, I went into congestive heart failure. I contacted Life Alert- [EMS] was here in minutes and they rushed me to emergency hospital where it was touch and go, and minutes mattered. I later had a tube inserted in my throat for four days and in the hospital for two weeks. It’s worth the money. Money well spent.

V.A., Tyrone, PA

I had a small stroke. My daughter was here recuperating from having twins. Pressed Life Alert. She was unaware Life Alert had all my medications. Transported to a hospital and treated for a small stroke. Thank you for having information available. Thank you for help with the ambulance.

D.S., Auburn, CA

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