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43642 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Life Alert has proven to be absolute for me and my family this past year – my husband required an ambulance in March last year. I activated my Life Alert and everything was taken care of from there – including notifying our family. Again… I needed an ambulance due to a heart problem – I only had to activate my Life Alert!

P.S., Petal, MS

[Life Alert] responded very quickly, took vitals and recommended to go to the hospital because of fall. Had ambulance transport me to the hospital, stayed with me until I was safe at the hospital. Could not have asked for more from them! Super people!!

J.H., Albuquerque, NM

I fell on the back porch and couldn’t get up without help. Life Alert contacted [EMTs] and got me up and made certain I was ok. Life Alert called and checked the medics were with me and after they left. Life Alert called again to make certain I was ok.

J.L., Rising Sun, IN

All I need is to push that button around my neck and I know that help will be there. [Life Alert] has saved my life on several occasions! “Help is here” is a wonderful sound. They stay with you the whole time.

F.H., Queens, NY

My dad fell in his garage and broke his arm and was unable to get up. He barely was able to push the button for his Life Alert. But he did and immediately a call was sent out to 911 and to myself and my brothers and my husband. He wasn’t dressed appropriately for the cold weather so it was good that the response was fast. Otherwise, he would have laid there all night and most of the next day. Until someone checked on him.

W.B., Scott City, KS

I seem to fall a lot. I am 82-years-old and I live alone. I needed to call Life Alert many times and they answer my calls immediately and came quickly and got help. I would not give up Life Alert ever. Thank you for your great service.

M.S., Saint Lawrence, PA

My husband is deaf. When I have fallen in the past, he could not hear me yell for help. I had broken my back. Now I have Life Alert with the receiver by his bed. When I push the button, he hears, wakes up and comes to help. I cannot get up without help and he is at an age to no longer be able to help me. Life Alert gets me help I need. Thank you.

D.B., Gerald, MO

I fell and couldn’t get up. Life Alert came and helped me off the floor and put me safe in my lift chair. Thank you, thank you so much [Life Alert] and your staff are so kind and caring. You always follow up with a call to check and see if everything’s ok. Thank you for caring and being so kind to me.

M.R., Los Angeles, CA

My life has been saved by Life Alert (3) three times. Once out back in the rain, another time in the snow. And a third time in my garage where no one would find me. I also had help from my next-door neighbor’s huge black lab who’s collar I grabbed and started yelling for help. Thank you.

J.N., Coldwater, MI

I fell backwards on the concrete and had a very bloody bump on the back right of my head. There was a lot of blood. Life Alert called and stayed in touch until the paramedics arrived. When I was helped by the paramedics, Life Alert stayed on and didn’t hang up until the paramedics moved me into the ambulance. I have been very pleased with Life Alert over the years. I’m very glad I chose Life Alert!

S.A., Forest, MS

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