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43310 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Recently, I called for an ambulance. I had a fever. Life Alert personnel always stay on the phone until help arrives. I would not be able to live independently if I did not have Life Alert, I recommend this program for all seniors who live alone. I would not be without it.

E.P., Colorado Springs, CO

I had a compression fracture of the spine. I had too much pain to move. [Life Alert] picked me up and put me in a chair and carried me out to the ambulance. We had three sets of stairs to get to the ambulance. They were very kind and gently. Excellent, I could not have been treated any better.

J.V., Half Moon Bay, CA

Although I was feeling very tired, my granddaughter and I were chatting at the kitchen table when she realized I was not answering her questions. I passed out. She found my Life Alert button around my neck and pressed the button. In no time, the ambulance arrived, just as I was vomiting, etc. She said without Life Alert button, she could not have gotten help. Subsequently, I spent 4 days in the hospital and three weeks at a rehab. I trust Life Alert to help me!!! And they do!!

D.M., Gloucester, MA

I was having what I suspected was (and it was) a cardiac event. When I reached out to Life Alert, they promptly contacted first responders, ambulance and family members whom they have access to. They calmly corresponded with me until medical help arrived. Each time that I had used this service, it was like I had someone by my side. Thank you!

N.B., South Windsor, CT

My husband, who has Alzheimer’s, fell in the shower. He was trapped in the corner and could not be lifted. Life Alert was great. They stayed in contact with me which really helped to keep me calm and was quick with getting medical help for us.

R.P., Canton, MI

I was going to throw food scraps out for the animals and I take them to the drainage ditch behind my home (have been doing so for fifty years). It had been raining and when I came to the edge of the ditch and “threw”, my foot slipped on wet grass and I fell head first into a grassy slope and was unable to get up because of two prosthetic knees – so I called [Life Alert] and an ambulance was sent, as well as two neighbors. I wear my alert 24 hours a day.

N.G., Houston TX

The 94-year-old, living alone slid off the side of his bed at night with a soft landing, but was unable to get up off the carpeted floor. Life Alert called 911, notified the 2 names (his son and myself, a caregiver during the day) that help had been called. Then phoned back to assure me he was fine and did not need to be taken to the hospital. What a wonderful service!

J.O., Lady Lake, FL

I have fallen 4 times this year and could not get up. The Life Alert staff had someone (paramedics) at my house quickly and stayed on the line until they got there… I was so grateful!!! The paramedics were so gracious. The last time, one of them brought my groceries in the house which I was attempting to do!

B.F., San Tan Valley, AZ

I am very glad I have Life Alert. Had it not been for Life Alert, I would have been lying down on the floor until one of my children would have come down to see how come I did not answer my cell phone. The reason was my cell was on the kitchen table. The Life Alert personnel were great. I thank them very much.

D.N., Santa Clarita, CA

I fell in the bathroom flat on my face and head and my nose was bleeding and cut my lip which required 6 stitches. I also hurt my hands, wrist, shoulder and ankles. The nurses’ aids did not come right away but Life Alert sent the Police and EMT ambulance. Many thanks to Life Alert. I did not break anything!

C.S., Franklin Square, NY

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