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41025 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I hurt my right hip and was in agonizing pain. I had no recourse but to call on Life Alert. The operator was very courteous and sent help within minutes. I had to call twice for the same problem and will not hesitate to call again. I recommend Life Alert to all of my friends. Thanks!

R.D., Sedona, AZ

[Patient] fell a couple of times, and was sick often- Life Alert responded quickly. They are polite and efficient in their response. Thank you for being fast, a big help. We are seniors and we are grateful to have you in our home.

J.R., Finksburg, MD

I rolled out of my bed and could not get up by myself; I pressed the [Life Alert] button and immediately had a response. They stayed with me until the paramedics arrived. I was checked out and helped to be able to stand and walk to my chair. I did not need hospital care. I appreciate their professionalism.

L.G., Menominee, MI

This August I had two emergency trips to the [hospital]. Life alert’s response was immediate as was the police and paramedics. Everyone was friendly and kind. I have no complaints and am very grateful and alive.

H.G., Florissant, MO

I came home and caught someone (man) breaking into my home (2:00 PM). He confronted me and came towards me. I pushed my Life Alert. He grabbed me and drug me into my garage and attempted to sexually assault me. He ran when he heard the sirens of the police and emergency ambulance. Life Alert contacted my daughter. Thank you.

R.B., Santee, SC

My 83 year old dad fell in home and broke his hip and left leg. Tore open elbow, was bleeding very bad due to blood thinner. Life Alert staff stayed on with him till paramedics arrived. I call my dad at 8:30 PM daily. If not for Life Alert, I don’t think my dad would still be here. Rehab facility is using his story to pass on to others.

R.K., Meridian, ID

I had a mild dizzy (vertigo) spell where the room surroundings were spinning and was too far away to reach for my cell phone and my pills. It last approximately 2-2 ½ minutes. My life Alert box was right beside me, so I was able to use it. By the time paramedics and police arrived I had already got back to normal. Also my son, who was my contact person, stated that the dispatcher was very nice and helpful. He was pleased at how fast they responded.

D.S., Glenshaw, PA

My mom called Life Alert 4-5 times. Life Alert took charged immediately and notified all contacts immediately. Help was there in minutes.

E.C., Florence, NJ

My husband fell and I couldn’t get him up. He pressed the [Life Alert] button and an agent helped us to get the EMS. She stayed with us till help arrived.

H.G., Jensen Beach, FL

I fell in my home and could not move. I pushed my Life Alert button and got help from Life Alert right away, who called my son who came, and also could talk to the [EMS] operator and tell them what he thought. He was thankful I had Life Alert as I would have stayed there. I could not reach a phone, the operator stayed on until the ambulance came.

D.B., Stratham, NH

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