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39966 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Having fallen before, I knew all I had to do was call Life Alert. My local EMS was called and helped me up. I had met these same EMS men and felt comfortable with them as I did with Life Alert. Your staff stayed on the monitor until help came and checked back with me later.

G.K., Robstown, TX

I fell at my local Rite Aid store. I used my Life Alert device and was helped immediately. They contacted the emergency squad to come help me. They also contacted my sister so that she could come be with me at the hospital. Thanks.

C.B., Beaufort, SC

When I fell and broke my knee, there’s no telling how long I would have laid there. I hate to think what would be the outcome had I not had Life Alert. The EMT’s were impressed with your company. Thank you for saving me.

R.M., Anaconda, MT

My caregiver was not responding when I called him, so I pressed my Life Alert. It turns out he had not eaten dinner yet and his blood glucose went too low. It was good that the paramedics came as he was not responsive and they gave him glucose. Life Alert was there, thank goodness.

F.E., Lake Forest, IL

I fell and a box fan fell on me. I couldn’t get up. Cut my arm. Life Alert was there for me, 5 nicer young men I’ve never known. They treated me like I was their granny. Life Alert was one of the smartest thing I’ve done, it is worth every dime. Thank you, Life Alert!

E.H., Dallas, TX

My grandma has had Life Alert for years and has excellent service with it. This service is so valuable to those who want to live at home as long as they can. We are so grateful for this product/service. Really worth the cost.

V.D., Lowell, MI

I fell and could not get up, I pressed my button and Life Alert came on and they called my contacts and the ambulance, and they stayed on the line until everyone came. I felt so good to know everything was being taken care of. My ankle was broken in 3 places. Good work.

J.M., Chattanooga, TN

I got up in the morning and kept leaning to the right. I went into the bathroom and fell into the bathtub. I pushed my button, the policemen came in, and I told them I was in the bathroom fully dressed, upside down in the tub, with my walker on top of me. He said, “I can at least get the walker off of you.” So he did and in a while two ambulances came and it took both of them to get me out of the tub. I weigh 157 pounds and I’m 90 years old. But they walked me back to my chair and asked me all kinds of questions to be sure I was thinking right, since I had hit my head on the soap dish imbedded into the wall. One of them took me to the hospital to get my head ex-rayed to be sure it wasn’t bleeding inside. It wasn’t, so they released me and my daughter came after. I am very glad I have my Life Alert. When I fall I can’t get up without help! I think everyone who lives alone should have one!

A.E., Willard, MO

I was at the kitchen sink when I suddenly started falling – I could not catch myself – I gradually knew I was on the floor – I pressed my Life Alert – The voice on the box was telling me (in the bedroom), from down the hall, they had called for someone to come and help me. I could not get up.

H.H., Everman, TX

I suffered severe back pain with terrible spasms. The pain was severe and I had difficulty walking. Life Alert helped me stay calm, and sent help quickly, also alerted my emergency contacts.

B.M., Salem, OR

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