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41979 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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[Patient] was feeling very sick and asked to go to the hospital. Because it was during the beginning of COVID crisis, I advised against it and suggested we call Life Alert. The operator was very attentive and dispatched EMT’s immediately. They arrived within twenty minutes and assessed that [patient] should see his PCP the next day. We are so glad Life Alert is there!

N.H., New York, NY

My brother fell and wasn’t able to get up. Life Alert called me (I am his sister) to let me knows the EMT’s had been called. Life Alert then called me back to let me know [brother] had been checked out and was alright. Life Alert was very courteous, helpful and I would recommend them.

A.F., Port Matilda, PA

I got busy one day and it was the afternoon before I realized I had not taken my AM medication and so I thought it would be okay to take AM and PM pills all at once and soon after I became deathly ill and called Life Alert to take me to the hospital. Medic was amazing, kind and intelligent!

S.B., Stillwater, OK

My father fell two times and we had to push the [Life Alert] button to get help in getting him up and in the hospital to be checked. Thank you, Life Alert.

R.G., Lowellville, OH

I had a terrible fall, and had a deep head wound (my daughter had just left to go to the pharmacy). I pressed my Life Alert button and was immediately given help. My daughters were contacted and came home. The paramedics were already at my house! Honestly, I could have bled to death, had it not been for Life Alert!

E.P., North Tonawanda, NY

I’ve fallen several times and couldn’t get up. I pushed my [Life Alert] button and was able to get help to come. I so appreciate the peace of mind this brings me and my family. This has certainly been helpful. The responders on the phone have always been courteous, patient and professional. Thanks so much for being there in my need.

M.S., Alexandria, VA

[Life Alert] helps me when I’m home and need medical help and when there is a need for police service. But I can go on and on about what they will and can do. I feel safe with them at my side, 24/7, 365 days of the year. So keep up the good work, Life Alert. You are a blessing to me and many more.

J.T., Williston, FL

My mother was in the bathroom. She lost her balance and her arm hit the [Life Alert] button on the wall. She has hearing aids, but could not hear the person talking. I had just gone to the drug store for her, and as I arrived at home, an ambulance was pulling in our driveway. They were very nice and checked her out. Thank you.

G.O., Elkhorn City, KY

I had severe back pain and shortness of breath. I couldn’t even move. We called [EMS] and pushed my [Life Alert] button. I went to the hospital. The response of Life Alert was excellent. The person who responded was so caring and concerned about me. She even called me the following day to see how I was.

P.O., Palmdale, CA

My mom was alone in the bathroom, couldn’t get to phone. She had severe stomach cramps. She called Life Alert, they sent an EMT and she was transported to the ER. Was very courteous and helpful. She has used Life Alert several times. Very helpful and pleased with service.

A.L., Corbin, KY

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